Cyber Security Is Not Optional

We offer bespoke professional training services in Cyber Security to South African organisations of all sizes.

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Our Training Services

World-class cyber security training

Digi-Train will assist you in building tailored security training programs to help you raise the level of awareness amongst your team and help you push responsibility throughout your organisation. To deliver specific knowledge to your organisation, we have partnered with Reflare, one of the world’s leading IT security training companies based in London, New York and Tokyo.

We offer three virtualised training programs accessible from anywhere in the world.

Digi-Train Certified Secure Employee

A customisable security training program for non-technical employees across the enterprise.

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Certified Secure Administrator

A security training program for administrators with live challenges in the cloud.

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Certified Secure Developer

A training program compliant with the American National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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cloud Runs in the cloud

All of the lessons and challenges run entirely on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure. This means we can scale to any number of users and you don’t need to install any software.

image tracking Track Progress

Add a user, set a deadline and if the training should be repeated, and leave the rest to us. We take care of reminding users of their deadline, supporting their progress and giving you an easy-to-use admin interface from where you can track your employees’ progress.

icon of money and coinsPer user licensing

You pay per trainee per training. No hidden fees or yearly costs without content updates. You decide when and if you want to give one of your employees a new training.

globeAnyplace, Anytime

Allow your employees to train during trips or at home. All that is required is a stable internet connection and modern browser.

vector image of skillsReal world skills

We believe that you can only write secure code if you understand how weaknesses are abused. This course thus teaches trainees practical attack and defence skills.


Add your company’s specifics to our pre-built modules to achieve in-house content quality at pre-built cost for the Digi-Train Certified Secure Employee program.

worker Multiple Users

Train thousands of employees simultaneously.